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"WE keep you SMILING" 





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Bridges - When missing a tooth, an option for replacement is with a fixed bridge that "bridges the gap" by using the two adjacent teeth as anchors.


Fillings - When decay has weakened the strength of your tooth, the infected area is removed and a permanent filling is placed to restore the strength of that tooth. Composite fillings come in various shades and can be matched to your tooth color.

Night Guards

Night Guard/ Occlusal Guard - Do you clench or grind your teeth? These parafunctional habits can be severely damaging to your teeth and can contribute to TMJ problems and headaches. Occlusal guards can help alleviate those symptoms and save your teeth.


Crowns - When a single tooth is weakened due to significant decay or fractures, a crown is indicated to restore that tooth back to proper function.

Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery - From tooth extractions, socket preservations, and planning for an implant, you will be in gentle hands at St. Joseph Family Dental. With painless dental injections and a comforting staff, you feel at ease during these stressful procedures.


Veneers / Esthetics - Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you not like the shape and color of your front teeth? With a thorough and diligent treatment plan, a new smile can be in your near future. Remember at St. Joseph Family Dental, "We keep you smiling."

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene - Brushing and flossing at home may not completely remove all plaque and calculus, St. Joseph Family Dental hygienists will discuss specific techniques and procedures that can help you keep your dental hygiene at its best.


Do you have a tooth ache? Did you break a tooth? Come in as soon as you can to get a proper diagnosis for your tooth. 


Dentures - When missing multiple teeth, sometimes a removable appliance is necessary to replace them to restore function. Stop by St. Joseph Family Dental to discuss with Dr. Prawl or Dr. Walters about the best treatment option for you.

Root Canals

Root Canals - Is your tooth in severe pain? St. Joseph Family Dental will work with you in finding out the source of your dental pain. When tooth decay gets large, it can affect the tooth pulp tissues. This is when a root canal is indicated.


Whitening - Bleaching products come in many varieties. We can provide you with a custom teeth tray with whitening products that will not cause tooth sensitivity. Feel free to stop by and ask us questions.


We welcome all ages and are happy to see kids for their dental needs. 

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